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Your life is unique.
Your journey is one of a kind.

Your connection with money is a result of your history and personality.

You may be fiscally conservative, moderate or aggressive. Or, you may be adventurous in life and conservative with money.
No matter what your situation and outlook may be, your story deserves to be heard. 

Tell Us Your Story

Let us be your guide.

Helping people reach for their dreams each and every day makes our practice thrive!

Our goal at QUEST is to invest sensibly, strive to preserve money and work to protect your personal interests. If that aligns with your vision, we’d love to serve you.

Tell Us Your Dreams

We are accountable to you. We say what we do and do what we say.

QUEST Financial Services is proud to be an independent financial services firm.

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What We Do:

We guide you to bridge the gap between your current situation and future financial goals. 

 We help you make more informed and effective financial decisions which are designed to help you feel relieved, confident, self-assured and empowered about your wealth. 

Let us be your guide

Your connection with money is a result of your history and personality. You may be conservative, moderate or aggressive. You may be seeking knowledge in wealth, health or small business. Or, you may be adventurous in life and conservative with money. No matter what your situation may be, your story deserves to be heard. Our advisors are well-versed in an array of services and they are ready to listen intently.

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It’s easy to feel confident about your financial future when the economy and markets are good. When the situation isn’t as positive, you may be tempted to react emotionally. But those are the times when carefully reasoned decisions are the most important. We take the time to get to know you and understand your unique circumstances to create a plan to make the most of growth opportunities while addressing your risk tolerances to give you the confidence to ride out bumps in the road.

WEALTH Management

Quest Financial Services advisors don’t focus on investments. We focus on you. We take a client-centered, holistic approach to coordinate all the services you need to manage your money and create a plan to meet your family’s current and future needs. We’ll consider investments from stocks and bonds to annuities and alternatives. We’ll review retirement plans and company stocks. And we’ll address college funding, if need be. Once we create a plan together, we’ll meet regularly to update your goals, review and rebalance your portfolio and determine whether additional services are needed. 


Retirement planning should be dynamic. Family situations change. Health issues may arise. Living costs fluctuate. Your projected financial needs in retirement need to be evaluated and addressed on an ongoing basis. And it’s important to plan for income distributions during retirement far in advance to maintain portfolio growth and minimize tax consequences. One way we may help you do this is by segmenting your assets into safe, liquid short-term investments and long-term investments with higher growth potential.


No matter how well you’ve saved and how well your portfolio has performed, events beyond your control could put what you’ve achieved at risk. We’ll help you develop a sound insurance strategy to protect your family from potential events that could threaten your family’s financial security. Together, we’ll consider liability, disability, life and long-term care insurance, as well as annuities to create a strong base to protect your assets and your loved ones at the best available cost. 


Our advisors focus on the big picture for our small business owners. As a larger firm, we have access to in-house advisors with a variety of specialties. We also have strong relationships with trusted attorneys, CPAs and long-term care specialists who share their valuable expertise with our clients. Together, we provide retirement planning, employee and executive benefits – from 401(k)s to pension and profit-sharing plans, multiple insurance products, income tax planning, succession planning and investment services.

ESTATE Planning

It’s common to put estate planning off. It’s unpleasant. It’s complicated. It’s hard to know what questions to ask and where to start. We not only know the right questions; we know where to find the right answers. We work with excellent estate planning attorneys who can help you work through the decision-making process to create documents that ensure your healthcare wishes are carried out and designate someone to manage your financial affairs if you can’t, and a plan to preserve your legacy and provide for your loved ones.

EDUCATION Financial Planning

Today, saving for both retirement and college can be more challenging than ever. In part, because people are living longer – which means more money has to be set aside for the added years you can expect to live. In addition, many parents are waiting longer before starting a family – and that means fewer years between their children finishing college and normal retirement age. Add in already high college costs and it becomes evident that, for most parents, saving for your own retirement and your children’s college education can be a daunting task to accomplish. However, with some careful planning, it is possible to take the sting out of college costs and save more for retirement.


Philanthropy can be a complicated process. There are questions related to taxation, contribution limitations, structure and list goes on. When you are ready to consider giving and your legacy, you’ll surely have questions. Quest Financial advisors can answer these questions and craft the giving plan that works best for your life, lifestyle, and legacy goals.

TAX Strategies

Building and reserving greater wealth requires careful and consistent tax planning throughout the current year and for the years to come. Some taxes can be deferred; others can be managed with tax-efficient investing. We can work with your tax professional or a CPA in our network with the goal to minimize taxes from capital gains and income distribution plans; to make the most of tax-advantaged college saving, health saving and retirement accounts; and to create gifting and wealth transfer strategies to preserve your legacy.    

Achieve a work-optional lifestyle

Your goals are the driving force behind our financial guidance.


Your advisors at Quest Financial recognize the importance of collaboration. We built our team with the knowledge that specialization and deeper expertise characterize top performance. We are dedicated to providing a service model that reinforces the team approach and yields the quality our clients deserve.

Many of our team members are available for speaking engagements. Learn more about current topics.

Robert Cepeda, CFP® Photo

Robert Cepeda, CFP®

Founding Partner
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Robert Cepeda

Founding Partner, CFP®




Robert Cepeda, CFP®, is a managing partner and Sr. wealth advisor for Quest Financial Services. For over 25 years he has continuously sharpened the art of listening. He invites you to join in a conversation that focuses directly on you. It has been the foundation of his practice from the early 90's and remains the cornerstone for his work as a Certified Financial Planner® in the Hudson Valley.

"I've been through many of the same obstacles and had similar goals as many of my clients. I like to call it the evolution of life and I like to be there every step of the way." says Cepeda.

Robert is also dedicated to his work as a speaker. He has developed and delivered educational events such as Rebuild Your Life after Divorce, Women & Investing, and Get Your Financial House In Order. These events provide a comfortable forum for expression, encouragement, and inspiration. Knowledge is a powerful tool and Robert thoroughly enjoys the sharing of the process.

He is a graduate of The University of Rochester with a degree in Economics and Certificate of Management in Accounting & Finance. He holds a series 24, 7, and 63.

Nicholas Tuck Photo

Nicholas Tuck

Founding Partner
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Nicholas S. Tuck

FOUNDING PARTNER, SR. Wealth advisor



Through a storied career spanning over 25 years, Nicholas Tuck championed the effort to create, develop, and grow Quest Financial Services. He is a founding partner and a senior wealth advisor with an unbridled determination to provide comprehensive wealth management and world class service. Nick developed his skill for careful planning through a prominent Wall Street firm. With a solid foundation beneath him, Nick decided to return to his roots in Orange County, NY. He has always held a strong desire to service the people of his community he admired throughout his childhood.

"My goal is to make a difference in the lives of my clients.  I listen intently, put myself in the trenches with the client and strategize a comprehensive plan. I've seen time and time again and the result is tremendously rewarding", states Nick.

He holds the series 7 and series 63 registrations and a life, accident and health insurance license.

Nick is dedicated to the community and highly involved with local foundations. He is along term resident of Orange County with his wife, Adrienne and two daughters.

Robert "Bob" Howerter Photo

Robert "Bob" Howerter

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Robert Howerter





Robert Howerter is an Investment Advisor Representative with over 20 years experience in the industry. Bob holds his FINRA Series 7 License along with his Life and Health Insurance licenses. Prior to entering into the investment world, Bob graduated from East Stroudsburg University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and was a National Collegiate Awards winner with the U.S. Achievement Academy.

Bob is actively involved in professional associations such as the Million Dollar Round Table, where he achieved Court of the Table Honors*. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association and services on the numerous industry boards.

In addition to his professional affiliations, Bob believes strongly in commitment to community. He volunteers his time and has served on the boards of the Town of Wallkill Little League, Mamakating Rotary club, Boy Scouts of America and Saint John’s Lutheran Church.

Bob lives in Middletown, New York with his wife Kim and his children, Bradley and Katherine. His strong family and community ties have helped him provide his clients with a financial roadmap to help build a sound financial future together.

“Over the last 20 years it has been an honor to help friends and neighbors pursue their financial goals.”

Bob’s experience and commitment to his clients have made him a valuable asset at Quest Financial Services. As an independent Financial Services Firm, Quest Financial gives Bob and his clients a comprehensive financial planning platform that helps them address the complex financial challenges of today. Quest strives to be widely recognized as one of the leading independent wealth management and advisory firms in the financial services industry.

*The Million Dollar Round Table is an independent association. Membership is based on production and does not qualify a financial professional to provide investment recommendations or advice.

Kenneth Flood Photo

Kenneth Flood

Vice President
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Kenneth Flood

vice president



Kenneth Flood, a 30 plus year veteran in trusts and managed investment portfolios, has joined the ranks at Quest Financial Services, an independent financial advisory firm focused in the development of comprehensive financial plans.

Ken, who has been named Quest’s newest vice president, recently retired from an affiliate of Orange County Trust Company. Prior to joining Quest Financial Services, Flood increased investment assets from $50 million to $160 million through the growth of individual portfolios and the acquisition of new business. He also implemented both a mutual fund trading platform and several new trust accounting systems at other financial institutions.

“I always learn about the personal stories associated with each of my clients so that I can make a real connection and develop lasting relationships,” Ken said. “It’s not about closing business; it’s about being a trusted resource for individuals and families who need reliable and comprehensive personal financial management.”

Flood is a graduate of State University of New York at Oneonta and St. John's University Graduate School. He also completed Marist College’s Certified Financial Training Program. He is a past director of the New York State Bankers Trust Operations Committee and a past president of the New York State Fiduciary Fund.

“We are so pleased that Ken decided to bring his incredible knowledge of the investment industry to our firm,” said Robert Cepeda, a founding partner of Quest Financial Services. “He has already had a positive impact on our collaborative planning efforts, and we look forward to providing our clients with an even higher level of confidence in the trust and estate planning arenas.”

A longtime Hudson Valley resident, Flood is a member of the Middletown YMCA’s Board of Director, as well as a member of its Executive Committee. He has also contributed his time to the Minisink Valley Soccer Booster Club, Middletown Youth Soccer, and Minisink Youth Soccer.

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Sandeep Patel Photo

Sandeep Patel

Financial Advisor
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Sandeep Patel




Through his 20 year career in the financial services industry Sandeep Patel has learned to truly understand the needs of his clients. He strives to listen carefully to their challenges and objectives with unbridled support through fruition. He recognizes the value of financial planning. In fact, this guidance laid the groundwork for his entire career. Sandeep states, "My parents came to the US from India over 45 years ago with a dream to better their lives. I saw the struggles my parents endured when I was growing up and later, I was fortunate enough to reap the benefits of their perseverance."

Sandeep's career has led to significant travel throughout the United States. He uses his background in LIfe, Accident and Health Insurance to complete the comprehensive services his client's require. He considers the position of financial planner to be the go to person in time of need and the captain as you navigate through life.

Sandeep is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business with a degree in Finance. He also holds Series 7, 63 and 65 Securities License and is licensed in Life, Accident and Health Insurance.

Roger Pikul Jr., MBA Photo

Roger Pikul Jr., MBA

Senior Financial Advisor
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Roger Pikul Jr., MBA

senior financial advisor




Client relationships are key for Roger Pikul Jr. of Quest Financial Services. As an experienced financial advisor, Roger says building a long-term relationship with his clientele is absolutely essential to providing the best possible service.

“I want to get to know my clients and understand what they want to accomplish and help them work towards their goals. My aim is to build a true professional relationship that will benefit my clients for years to come.”

In addition to his investment experience, Roger offers a number of specialized services:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Distribution
  • College Funding Plans
  • Business Retirement Plans
  • Small Business Consulting

Roger has devoted his life to work in the financial services industry. Roger studied Business Administration at SUNY New Paltz and went on to earn his Master’s Degree at Long Island University, specializing in Finance. He holds a Series 7 Securities Registration and is licensed in life, accident, and health insurance. Because Quest is a fully independent firm, Roger is free to put his clients’ interests first when providing financial services.

Roger emphasizes the importance of explaining financial issues to his clients in terms that are clear and easily understood.

“At the end of the day, I want my clients to feel comfortable and to be able to sleep at night.”

Anthony Natrella Photo

Anthony Natrella

Financial Advisor
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Anthony L. Natrella

Financial advisor




Anthony Natrella has been providing comprehensive financial planning services to individuals and small businesses since 1994. While proficient in all aspects of financial planning, his experience is in wealth accumulation and retirement planning. His strategic approach in assessing portfolios and creating strategies is designed to help his clients plan for financial independence and to retire with confidence.

“As an independent investment advisor I am determined to provide my clients with unbiased analysis. Truly independent research enables me to choose investments solely on the merits of their suitability and provide my clientele with strategies based on their unique time horizon, financial objectives, risk preferences, and tax considerations. The most important thing today is that you have someone you can trust. “

Anthony lives in Orange County NY, which his wife Karen and two children. Prior to joining Quest, Anthony was a Senior Associate for a Wall Street based firm and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Senta Curran, MBA, CFP® Photo

Senta Curran, MBA, CFP®

Financial Advisor, CLU®, CFP®, CHFC, CLTC, MBA
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Senta Curran, MBA, CFP®

Financial advisor




Senta Curran brings three facets essential to the success of the Quest Financial Services team and the accomplishment of the shared goal to provide personalized service. Senta has a burning passion to help others, an unquenchable thirst for learning and the solid foundation of decades of experience.

Senta states, "This business is about building strong relationships, understanding the essential needs of your clients and delivering on your promises." She holds a strong belief that a financial planner's job goes beyond the numbers. She adds, "If you are doing your job well, you are there through life's difficult and prosperous times alike, you are a coach, advisor and confidant." Senta has followed her thirst for learning to gain two bachelor's degrees, a Certified Financial Planner designation and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) CLTC (Certified for Long-Term Care.)

She adheres to the belief, "Those who dare to teach, must never cease to learn." It is her intention to utilize this knowledge base to empower women through Women's Quest, a local symposium dedicated to Investing In The Success of Women. Senta says, "According to FAmag.com, nine in ten women will, at some point in their lifetime, be the sole financial decision-makers for their household. My goal is to continuously explore ways to open this vital discussion and assist women with making important fiscal decisions." She embraces this role and has dedicated her career to this responsibility.

David Hasbrouck Photo

David Hasbrouck

Financial Advisor
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David Hasbrouck




David Hasbrouck is a Financial Advisor with Quest Financial Services. Dave grew up here in the Hudson Valley and after college had a decorated career with a local law enforcement agency. He moved through the department serving in patrol, canine, dive team, undercover, and lastly before a disabling injury, he was assigned to the crime scene unit as a detective. After serving the community, these injuries changed his course to insurance and finance.

During his career he was active within the administration of his union as well as social and civic organizations. He was instrumental in implementing additional retirement saving options and administered supplemental health plans. David has a strong background in civil service regular and disability retirements as well as planned retirement. These experiences have set the groundwork in building successful relationships and confidence with clients.

Outside of work David continues to volunteer his time with local charitable organizations in addition to spending time camping and other outside activities with his wife, children and family dogs.

John Karas Photo

John Karas

Insurance Consultant
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John Karas

Insurance Consultant



During his storied career, John Karas has continuously pursued education and knowledge about health insurance in business. He enjoys sharing this knowledge at every opportunity. Assisting small to medium sized businesses in analyzing their employee benefit needs, John is experienced in the creation of benefit plans that serve both business owners and their staff.

With more than 25 years of experience in his field, John provides a full range of solutions for cost-conscious employers:

  • Small to Medium Employer Group Benefits
  • Medicare/Senior Consultant
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) & Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)
  • Analysis of Pension Plan Designs including 401 (k) DB
  • Group Life, Dental and Section 125/Cafeteria Plans
  • Group and Individual Long Term Care
  • Accidental Death and Disability Group Plans

As business benefit coverage becomes increasingly complex and costly, employers can save valuable time and money by consulting John S. Karas and his support team at Quest. John says it is crucial to explore all of the options. As business benefit coverage becomes increasingly complex and costly, it is important for employers to regularly review the options available to them. John and his support team at Quest can assist.

As an independent consultant, John offers benefit plans to business owners without corporate bias. “My relationship and commitment to the client is paramount,” says John. John is well-known locally for his involvement in community activities as well as his high-profile position with the Grammy Award-winning Jimmy Sturr Band.

Darren McCarthy Photo

Darren McCarthy

Business Development
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Darren T. McCarthy

Director of Business Development

845.294.1313 ext 20


Darren joined the Quest team to provide efficient communication through client service, daily operations, marketing solutions and overall business management. He comes to Quest Financial Services with 15 years’ experience as a successful business owner. He founded Sound Foundations for Learning, Inc. where he provided assessment, consultation and services for children with learning challenges such as dyslexia and attention deficit. He also founded the Non-Profit Association for Learning Intervention. In addition to his educational experience, he was the president of Moyers Learning Systems. Through this endeavor he grew a network of learning specialists to 5,000 members in 9 countries through the course of 8 years. As Senior Director of Communication, Darren is responsible for developing and managing the organization's communications strategy to support key business objectives. Darren McCarthy is a Goshen High School and New Paltz graduate. Darren is married to Karen. Together, they are excited to be returning to the Goshen area with their 2 small children.

Bill Niederauer Photo

Bill Niederauer

Investment Advisor
Read Bio

Bill Niederauer

Investment ADVISOR


845 294 1313


Bill has dedicated his career to educating financial advisors, business owners and private investment individuals. He built his foundation while working with Alliance Bernstein. This experience lit a path to join Prudential where he spent well over a decade as an external wholesaler. Bill was in the trenches with advisors up and down the Northeast hosting speaking engagements and instructing individuals on a variety of investment topics.

He has a true passion for both learning and sharing his knowledge. He is a sought after speaker and investment strategist. Bill is also a proud member of S.O.F.A , The Society for Financial Awareness, a non-profit public benefit corporation with commitment to provide financial education across America, one community at a time.

This industry is highly competitive and requires a degree of adaptation. Bill brings the same competitive vigor which made him a successful Division 1 football player to assisting his clients. He listens intently, builds a tailored plan and guides individuals to reach their investment goals.

Currently residing in Bergen County, NJ. Bill, his wife and two daughters actively assist with public school efforts and local community endeavors.  

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Riskalyze replaces subjective terms like “conservative” and “aggressive” with the Risk Number, a quantitative way for clients and advisors to establish the correct amount of risk for their investments. Riskalyze helps us ensure that your portfolio aligns with your investment goals and expectations!

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Quest Supports Inspire Foundation Golf Tournament

August 25, 2019

It was a great pleasure to support Inspire!

This organization was founded in 1950 to provide rehabilitative and education services to children with cerebral palsy. Today, Inspire provides a wide variety of rehabilitative, educational and disability support services for individuals of all ages and abilities throughout Orange County New York.

Quest Financial Awarded Admittance to National Registry

August 9, 2019

WiserAdvisor and Paladin Registry announce, Quest Financial Services has been awarded admittance as a member of its directory of financial advisors.

Financial advisors are granted admission into WiserAdvisor (www.wiseradvisor.com) based on their credentials and qualifications. All members offer their services to investors with a fee rather than solely with commissions, allowing them to assist investors with a variety of different investment options. All members are also properly registered with the SEC, FINRA or other regulatory organizations.

Because of the strict standards that a financial professional must meet in order to become a member, WiserAdvisor only admits a select few high-quality financial advisors and financial planners. More than 600,000 professionals can provide insurance and financial advice. Less than 1% have been granted membership into WiserAdvisor.

Thousands of investors use WiserAdvisor each year to find local financial advisors and planners, and trust that WiserAdvisor will help them find the right professionals to meet their unique needs.

Quest Financial Services, Proud to Support The New Goshen Public Library

July 1, 2019
It was a sunny day when the doors opened to the brand new Goshen Public Library. Some said it would never happen. Others held on to their optimism. With community support and the diligence of board members this endeavor came to life.

“I heard that ‘slo-motion-Goshen’ would never get a library,” said Director Matt Gomm. “I heard it would be a miracle, well, this is a miracle. All roadblocks have disappeared.”

Quest Financial is proud to provide educational, charitable and entertaining events for clients. They are also dedicated to positively impacting local area projects. “Education is the central most important pillar in a growing community,  Quest Financial Services is dedicated to contributing to anything that provides an inspiring place for the people of Goshen to learn and grow.” said Darren McCarthy, Director of Business Development.

As you walk through the doors of the new library you will see the contribution made by Quest Financial.

Quest Financial Services, Provides Goshen Student Scholarship

June 29, 2019

Quest Financial Service’s director of Business Development, Darren McCarthy was present as student’s gathered in the new gym at Goshen High School.

Laughter and joy could be heard over the rumbling of fans working to temper the excessive heat in the building. Superintendent, Dan Connor addressed the audience, followed by the Goshen High School Principle and staff members.

Everyone was there to celebrate the students. The Class of 2019 scholarship recipients eagerly awaited the announcements. It was an evening of appreciation and positive spirit.

Quest Financial contributes a scholarship for one student each year. "We are searching for someone who is steadfast in making the difference in the local community. This individual is also displays leadership qualities and an unbridled thirst for knowledge."

Goshen High School added a “dinner with the winner” portion of the evening. Catherine’s restaurant donated their delicious entrees and students and staff served the attendees.

This year’s winner of the Quest Financial Service scholarship was Ryan A. He will be attending Rhode Island University and studying International Business. Who knows, maybe Ryan will participate in Quest’s internship program down the road.

Using wealth to empower a life well-lived

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