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Schedule a Speaker

Looking to expand, educate and inspire your audience?


Book a Speaker From Quest Financial Services

Speakers are available for public and private speaking engagements, keynote speeches, and panel discussions. Speaker are engaging teachers and presenters.

 Topics are informative, educational and entertaining. Here is an overview of topics we have enjoyed presenting in the past. 

Your Journey Goes On, Delivered by Author Robert Cepeda, CFP

Social Security, Delivered by MBA Roger Pikul and Business Manager Darren McCarthy

Medicare, Presented by MBA/CFP Senta Curran

Taxes In Retirement, Presented by Investment Advisor William Niederauer

Women In Investing, Delivered by MBA/CFP Senta Curran

Financial Planning 101, Presented by Senior Financial Advisor, Ken Flood

LongTerm Care, Delivered by Health Care Consultant, John Karas

Retirement With Purpose, Spearheaded by Darren McCarthy