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Quest Supports Annual Chicken BBQ

Bob Howerter Quest News


MIDDLETOWN, NY/ July 24, 2021- Senior Financial Advisor Bob Howerter is dedicated to helping local organizations make a difference. This is exactly why he chose to attend the Middletown Kiwanis Club annual Chicken Barbeque on Saturday July 24, 2021 at St. John’s Lutheran Church located at 391 Mount Hope Road, Middletown, NY 10940. Bob Howerter in attendance, showed support on behalf of Quest Financial Services for the club’s event and purchased a few chicken dinners for his family in the process. Bob has been supporting the Kiwanis club’s fundraisers and events for over a decade. 

In addition to the annual Chicken BBQ event, the Kiwanis Club also hosts an annual golf outing in which the proceeds are directed towards college scholarships, for local seniors through SUNY Orange County Community College.

The Kiwanis club is an international community service organization whose members work collaboratively on service projects and fundraisers based on the needs of their local communities. Their members collectively provide over six million community service hours annually. The Middletown Kiwanis Club is made up of about 60 members. Some of their projects include food pantries, building all-access playgrounds, fundraisers for school supplies and many more. Kiwanis members incorporate programs for the communities’ youth, including leadership development and provide tools for a successful new generation. This continuous goal is captured in the Kiwanis Club motto, “serving the children of the world.” Bob Howerter believes in supporting the local youth to ensure a positive future.

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