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Quest Founding Partner Featured in Advisors Magazine

Robert Cepeda

‌Quest Financial Services is proud to announce that Founding Partner and Senior Wealth Advisor Robert Cepeda, CFP®, BFA™ was featured in the prestigious Advisors Magazine, an in-depth analysis magazine on success and innovation in the Middle Market.

Robert's contribution to Advisors Magazine digs into the nature of coaching, and how it plays a part in important behavioral finance. Here are a few quotes from the article.

“People prefer a doctor because it’s personalized,” Cepeda explained. “People need and want someone to coach them, especially through the tough times.”

“Because I have a good team, we can stay on top of all the research and focus on the specific needs of our clients,” he said. “Many self-starters, those who try robo-platforms, lose interest quickly. We keep clients engaged and focused.”

Read the full article here!