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Protection Planning

No matter how well you’ve saved and how well your portfolio has performed, events beyond your control could put what you’ve achieved at risk. We’ll help you develop a sound insurance strategy to protect your family from potential events that could threaten your family’s financial security. Together, we’ll consider liability, disability, life and long-term care insurance, as well as annuities to create a strong base to protect your assets and your loved ones at the best available cost.

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Our Advisors specializing in Protection Planning:

Robert Cepeda New York Financial AdvisorRobert CepedaNicholas Tuck New York Financial AdvisorNick TuckBob Howerter New York Financial AdvisorBob Howerter
Ken Flood New York Financial AdvisorKen FloodSandeep Patel New York Financial AdvisorSandeep PatelRoger Pikul New York Financial AdvisorRoger Pikul Jr.
Tony Natrella New York Financial AdvisorTony NatrellaSenta Curran New York Financial AdvisorSenta CurranBill Niederauer New York Financial AdvisorBill Niederauer

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