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Quest Financial Services Provides Goshen Student Scholarship

Quest News

Quest Financial Service’s director of Business Development, Darren McCarthy was present as student’s gathered in the new gym at Goshen High School.

Laughter and joy could be heard over the rumbling of fans working to temper the excessive heat in the building. Superintendent, Dan Connor addressed the audience, followed by the Goshen High School Principle and staff members.

Everyone was there to celebrate the students. The Class of 2019 scholarship recipients eagerly awaited the announcements. It was an evening of appreciation and positive spirit.

Quest Financial contributes a scholarship for one student each year. "We are searching for someone who is steadfast in making the difference in the local community. This individual is also displays leadership qualities and an unbridled thirst for knowledge."

Goshen High School added a “dinner with the winner” portion of the evening. Catherine’s restaurant donated their delicious entrees and students and staff served the attendees.

This year’s winner of the Quest Financial Service scholarship was Ryan A. He will be attending Rhode Island University and studying International Business. Who knows, maybe Ryan will participate in Quest’s internship program down the road.