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Quest Financial Services, Proud to Support The New Goshen Public Library

Quest News

It was a sunny day when the doors opened to the brand new Goshen Public Library. Some said it would never happen. Others held on to their optimism. With community support and the diligence of board members this endeavor came to life.

“I heard that ‘slo-motion-Goshen’ would never get a library,” said Director Matt Gomm. “I heard it would be a miracle, well, this is a miracle. All roadblocks have disappeared.”

Quest Financial is proud to provide educational, charitable and entertaining events for clients. They are also dedicated to positively impacting local area projects. “Education is the central most important pillar in a growing community,  Quest Financial Services is dedicated to contributing to anything that provides an inspiring place for the people of Goshen to learn and grow.” said Darren McCarthy, Director of Business Development.

As you walk through the doors of the new library you will see the contribution made by Quest Financial.