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Quest Admitted as a WiseAdvisor, Paladin Registry Directory Member

Quest News

WiserAdvisor and Paladin Registry, the industry’s trusted research and registry organizations for finding, rating, researching, and monitoring financial advisors, have awarded Quest Financial Services admittance as a member of the directory of financial advisors.

Financial advisors are granted admission into WiserAdvisor based on their credentials and qualifications. All members offer their services to investors with a fee rather than solely with commissions, allowing them to assist investors with a variety of different investment options. All members are also properly registered with the SEC, FINRA, or other regulatory organizations.

Because of the strict standards that a financial professional must meet in order to become a member, WiserAdvisor only admits a select few high-quality financial advisors and financial planners. More than 600,000 professionals can provide insurance or financial advice. However, less than 1% of those are granted membership into WiserAdvisor.

Thousands of investors use WiserAdvisor and Paladin Registry each year to find local financial advisors and planners, and trust these organizations to help them find the right professionals to meet their unique needs. Through their supplied directories, investors are empowered to locate an advisor or planner that would be the best choice for them to assist and guide them towards a clearer financial future and meet their financial goals.

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