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Kenneth Flood



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Kenneth Flood, a 30 plus year veteran in trusts and managed investment portfolios, has joined the ranks at Quest Financial Services, an independent financial advisory firm focused in the development of comprehensive financial plans.

Ken, who has been named Quest’s newest vice president, recently retired from an affiliate of Orange County Trust Company. Prior to joining Quest Financial Services, Flood increased investment assets from $50 million to $160 million through the growth of individual portfolios and the acquisition of new business. He also implemented both a mutual fund trading platform and several new trust accounting systems at other financial institutions.

“I always learn about the personal stories associated with each of my clients so that I can make a real connection and develop lasting relationships,” ken said. “It’s not about closing business; it’s about being a trusted resource for individuals and families who need reliable and comprehensive personal financial management.”

Flood is a graduate of State University of New York at Oneonta and St. John's University Graduate School. He also completed Marist College’s Certified Financial Training Program. He is a past director of the New York State Bankers Trust Operations Committee and a past president of the New York State Fiduciary Fund.

“We are so pleased that Ken decided to bring his incredible knowledge of the investment industry to our firm,” said Robert Cepeda, a founding partner of Quest Financial Services. “He has already had a positive impact on our collaborative planning efforts, and we look forward to providing our clients with an even higher level of confidence in the trust and estate planning arenas.”

A longtime Hudson Valley resident, Flood is a member of the Middletown YMCA’s Board of Director, as well as a member of its Executive Committee. He has also contributed his time to the Minisink Valley Soccer Booster Club, Middletown Youth Soccer, and Minisink Youth Soccer.

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