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Anthony L. Natrella



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Anthony Natrella has been providing comprehensive financial planning services to individuals and small businesses since 1994. While proficient in all aspects of financial planning, his experience is in wealth accumulation and retirement planning. His strategic approach in assessing portfolios and creating strategies is designed to help his clients plan for financial independence and to retire with confidence.

“As an independent investment advisor I am determined to provide my clients with unbiased analysis. Truly independent research enables me to choose investments solely on the merits of their suitability and provide my clientele with strategies based on their unique time horizon, financial objectives, risk preferences, and tax considerations. The most important thing today is that you have someone you can trust. “

Anthony lives in Orange County NY, with his wife Karen and two children. Prior to joining Quest, Anthony was a Senior Associate for a Wall Street based firm and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Email tony@questfinancialservices.com

When you go grow up in an area and you attend the schools and your clients are your neighbors, former teachers and colleagues you have a strong sense of dedication. This is OUR community. I’m very proud to have raised my children locally and feel a certain responsibility to give back.

In this section of the website you will find the various projects that we dedicate our resources to. These endeavors include community service, contributions and education.

During the Winter Celebration this year we proudly participated in the program below. It was a special event. Please take a look to learn more. Young Heroes of Warwick: Ambers’ Butterflies & her Beautiful Heart Creates Life Changing Charity / Posted on August 11, 2018 by Warwick Dispatch


Education. Appreciation. Fun! 

 I thoroughly enjoy providing special events for my clients. These fall in three separate categories: educational, entertaining and charitable. Please note, some events are Quest Financial Public Events such as Shred Day and Teacher Appreciation and others are advisor-specific such as Renegades baseball, wine tasting, etc.  

See below for upcoming events:

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Should you need help contact us: 

Email tony@questfinancialservices.com

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Personalized service with a clear action plan.

Taking action begins with understanding your complete story. The more detailed you are about your current situation and your desires for the future, the greater the possibility to achieve. 

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